The Initial Interview of Parents and Child

One of the first tasks for Stuckle and Associates with a juvenile client is to begin the investigation. Effective juvenile case investigation requires additional steps and safe guards in order to fully protect the client. The starting point is the initial consultation with the juvenile, parents, and the attorneys. The defense of an adult criminal accusation begins with the attorney-client interview. The juvenile defense process is significantly different. Parents are understandably nervous, upset, and concerned with any criminal accusation against their child. The parents realize, even though the juvenile client may not, the accusation is a potential life altering event holding significant consequences for their child’s future.

Stuckle and Associates begin the juvenile case interview by obtaining the parent’s perspective on the charges and their factual knowledge. The lawyers explain the law to both parents and child with an overview of the criminal justice process. Throughout this initial phase of the interview the attorney’s will ask the child to remain silent. After a through framework of what to expect has been provided to all, the interview process will take a turn as the parents will be asked to leave the room. This is the point where Stuckle and Associates will meet directly with the child. In a juvenile prosecution the child is the client. The attorney-client confidentiality applies to the child, not the parents. Furthermore, there is no parent-child privilege, parents can be forced to testify against their children. For these reasons it is very important that the attorney makes sure to protect the rights of the child.

Stuckle and Associates gain the trust and confidence of your child by providing them absolute adherence to the attorney-client privilege. This trust is critical for the ultimate success of the case. The decision of what and how much information to be divulged to parents is up to the child. This is a difficult concept for many concerned parents. At times the lack of divulged information can be a difficult pill for many parents to swallow. The law is crystal clear and unambiguous. The child is the client. The attorney-client privilege is one that belongs solely to the juvenile. Stuckle and Associates have demonstrated an acute ability to educate parents on the law and process as it will apply to their child while simultaneously honoring the attorney-client privilege to its maximum extent. This balancing act insures the best practice for lessening parents fears by providing them with both the knowledge of the applicable law and the comfort their child’s rights are being professionally and vigorously applied. The child also learns and appreciates the special bond between them and the lawyers.