Juvenile Letters of Recommendation

Juvenile Letters of Recommendation for Stuckle and Associates

The attorney we had wanted us to give up and put our son on two years probation and in a sex treatment group for six months. He would have had to live among real predators. We fired this lawyer and found Stuckle and Associates. They were bulldogs and did not back down. Instead of taking any deals we were going to a jury trial. The prosecutor dismissed the Friday before trial was to begin! Our son is home and can follow his dream of being a police officer. I will be forever grateful to Paul and Allen.


They worked relentlessly to make sure our son was found not guilty. The jury was only out an hour and came back innocent across the board. It was the scariest and happiest moment of my life to finally have the nightmare over. These attorneys were wonderful. You want the best? This is the place.


I was falsely accused of a crime against a minor. Fortunately I found Paul. His team always kept me informed and worked very hard. All of my calls were returned timely. They will be honest with you. There were no happy stories to make you feel good or be filled with BS. In the end they got the grand jury to close the case. They are very good at what they do.


The system was doing a job on my son and our family. I hired Paul and wish we had him from day one. Through the hard work of the office the case turned out in our favor. They do a great job and I was very pleased.


After several thousand dollars and false promises my lawyer was trying to sell me down the river. I changed lawyers at the last minute and hired Paul’s firm. Paul and Allen were completely different and believed in me from the beginning. If I had stayed with the first lawyer I would be on probation and the sex offender registry.


The police called looking for my son. I panicked and started going through the internet like a crazy person. I found the Stuckle and Associates website and called. I reached Allen and am so thankful I did as we were about to take our son in to talk to the police. I quickly learned what a mistake that would have been. Paul and Allen took our case and after a very long painful process of dealing with the stress of our son’s false allegation the case resulted in a grand jury dismissal. The law office was wonderful and saved our son’s life. I am forever grateful.

A. M.

I am the mother of a 13 year old son who was accused by a family member of being inappropriate with his younger cousin. We hired Paul Stuckle and knew right away this was the right lawyer. Paul, Allen, and Diane were all great and easy to deal with. Our questions were always answered promptly and we found them to be hard workers who cared about my son. The result was a dismissal by the district attorney after the lawyers let them know we were not going to take any of their offers. Thank you!

Kim and Mike

I talked to the detective because I had nothing to hide. She tried to turn my words around and I soon saw she did not believe me. Same thing with the CPS. I found Stuckle and was very glad I did. This was the kind of place you do not want to be charged with a sex crime with a child.

I feared going to jail for something I did not do. I turned my faith over to my lawyers. I was rewarded as they found evidence in the prosecutor’s own file that the prosecutor did not want anyone to see. The case was dismissed before trial.


Thank you for everything you did for me and my family. Y’all stood by us when the system considered us "guilty until proven innocent". Your team brought our son home to us. Nothing means more to me than that! You wont find better attorneys.


Thank you for doing your job very well. We're in your debt. I want to express my appreciation. You did an amazing job, a phenomenal job, and we were lucky to have you.


Stuckle and Associates saved our family. The authorities tried to tear our family apart and take our son away. He was in jail when we found Paul and Allen. They worked quickly to get him out and back home. But we still had to face the case. It was long, hard, and the most stressful year of my life. I tried to continue life as normal but this sense of doom never went away. The lawyers were expensive but worth every penny. They always answered our questions and we came away feeling confident after every conversation with them. I am sure I drove them crazy with questions. They never made me feel like I was a nuisance. I thank them for making it a personal goal to stop this false allegation. My son is free and I am sane once again. We have Paul and Allen to thank.


We are counting our blessings this Christmas. We are forever grateful to you.


Paul and Allen did everything they could and beyond to help me. The rest of the office staff was great also. Dianna would always calm me down and helped me through rough times. She is much more than an administrative assistant. Stuckle and Associates law office will always get my referrals!!


An interesting statement below by attorney Paul Stuckle concerning false allegations of molestation: 'Public hysteria regarding child molestation has changed the rules of the criminal justice system. Child physical and sexual abuse cases must be defended in an entirely different manner than the normal criminal case. In theory the constitutional rights of the defendant are still in place, however in reality those rights do not apply. The truth is: The accused is presumed to be guilty...Recognize you are in for the fight of your life.' Stuckle does good work in Texas defending those falsely accused of domestic violence or child sexual assault, or who have been targeted by Child Protective Services.


Every single thing listed here happened in his case, exactly as Mr. Stuckle laid it out. Every. Single. Thing. When I have tried to tell people what happened, they simply don't believe me - they can't believe this happens in America.

Mr. Stuckle is the only person on the net I've ever found that tells it like it is.


It looks like Paul Stuckle is the "go-to guy" for defending against false allegations of abuse and domestic violence.