Dallas Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorneys

Paul Gregory Stuckle

The law firm of Stuckle and Associates are the authorities to turn to if your child has been accused of a juvenile sex crime. We have over thirty (30) years of experience in handling these difficult cases. Our success rate for defending juvenile sex crime allegations is excellent. If your child is being investigated for a juvenile sex crime, contact the law office of Stuckle and Associates immediately at 972-423-4405. Do not allow your child to speak to anyone -especially the police or juvenile officials- about the case until you have talked to our Dallas juvenile criminal defense lawyers. Even if there has been no arrest, anything your child says can and will be used as evidence against them.

“Don’t hand your child over to the authorities on a silver platter for their decision of what is best.”

“Don’t allow juvenile probation officers, prosecutors, and police officers to determine your child’s future.”

“Don’t be convinced the authorities have the best interest of your child in mind.”

“If juvenile probation officers, prosecutors, and police officers have the best interests of your child in mind, then:

  • Why are they prosecuting your child?
  • Why is your child still in juvenile detention?
  • Why is the system forcing your child to submit to psychological testing?
  • Why is your child subjected to strict conditions of release and he has not been adjudicated of anything yet?
  • What in the world is going on? Has the court system lost their brain when it comes to children? Since when does a child touching another child require labeling a juvenile a sex offender?
Fight back!

Stuckle and Associates are attorney’s who get it. Sadly, it is a reality that most lawyers who claim to practice juvenile defense are mere facilitators for the state. They want to accept whatever the prosecutor and probation officer says they should.

Bull !!!

A lawyer is an advocate and fight for their clients. We will not sell out your son or daughter. It will not happen.

Retain Stuckle And Associates, if:

  1. You want to fight for your child;
  2. You believe your child has rights;
  3. You are tired of the State treating your child as a criminal;
  4. Your child has been locked up;
  5. Your child has been separated from his family;
  6. Your child has been kicked out of his or her school;
  7. The State wants to probe, evaluate, test and label your child;
  8. You do not want to accept the “one size fits all” philosophy of the government and their agents;
  9. You want lawyers who are not afraid and will not back down;
  10. Your want to teach your child that sometimes we must fight for what is right.

The Dallas juvenile criminal defense attorneys at Stuckle and Associates have dedicated their law practice to fight against false allegations of child sexual abuse. This is all that we do. We have spent years analyzing every aspect of a child sexual abuse prosecution and have developed a proven strategy to meet these difficult and emotional cases. We have a process in place to mount an effective defense against a juvenile child sexual abuse case. Years of trying these stressful sex cases have resulted in the development of a persuasive and compelling defense.

Stuckle and Associates know there is no magic pill when it comes to a powerful defense to a juvenile child sexual abuse prosecution. It requires hard work and lots of it. We have compiled a war chest of the leading literature and scholarly materials concerned with juvenile defense of a sexual assault charge. We have the experience in court. We have earned the title of “The False Allegation Law Firm” by the blood, sweat, and tears dedicated to combating the state in these extremely difficult cases.

Stuckle and Associates put their hard earned experience and knowledge into a effective defense for your child. We do it the right way. There are no shortcuts. We roll up our sleeves and get to work. Every fact, every statement, every significant item of information is thoroughly analyzed and applied in the best manner to defend your child. There is no easy way out when it comes to a charge of sexual abuse. The only thing that works is dedication to every detail and preparation that is unmatched in the legal field.

The State will bring expert witnesses. We will be ready for them. We have researched and painstakingly developed through personal courtroom experience proven and effective methods of cross-examination of leading State experts including Child Advocacy Center personnel, Forensic Interviewers, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, Child Psychologists, Child Protective Services Caseworkers, Police Investigators, Crime Scene Experts and more.

No one will outwork us. No one will surprise us. We know their game and are ready for them.

Call Stuckle and Associates and let’s get to work.